The Company was established in 1934 as a family enterprise in Sitia, a small port on the island of Crete in Greece, by the two brothers Georgios J. Angelakis (1909-1996) and Nikolaos J. Angelakis (1911-2004). Initially the Company, known as “ANGELAKIS BROS”, was involved in local and coastal trading, mainly carrying vegetable oils, agricultural products and construction materials.

    Following the Second World War, the increased seaborne trade in the Mediterranean region and the need for a more competent and professional way to serve their customers' interests, combined with the switch from small Freighters to Motorships, prompted them to move their principal business activities to Piraeus, the main port of Greece.

    The Company expanded in the 1960s and 1970s by acquiring and operating larger Tween-deckers, Multipurpose Vessels and Bulk Carriers. John G. Angelakis, Dipl.- Ing. (Marine Engineering), son of George, is at the helm of the Company and has been directing the shipping activities since 1975.

    With the dawn of the new century, the third generation, George J. Angelakis, MSc. (International Trade & Transport) and Diamantis J. Angelakis, BSc. (Shipping & Transport) have actively joined the Company, and, after having familiarized themselves with all the departments and served on board the Company’s vessels, are taking an ever increasing role in the day-to-day business.